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New Worship Series to start: March 5th

What can Jesus do? (lessons assigned by the lectionary)

We’ve spent the first two month of the year looking at who Jesus is. Now we turn our attention to what Jesus can do. Lent begins with Satan tempting Jesus to use His power for Himself. Jesus refuses, but will lovingly use His power for others. Jesus will give site to a blind man, give life to the dead Lazarus, and new life to an outcast woman. Jesus is the King whose power is concealed in the trial of hsi Crucifixion but revealed in the triumph of his Resurrection.

  • March 5     The Temptation to Power
  • March 12     The Snake on the Pole
  • March 19     The Woman at the Well
  • March 26     The Man Born Blind
  • April 2     The Dead Man Raised
  • April 9     The King on Trial (Palm Sunday)
  • April 16     The King in Triumph (Easter Sunday)